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) and then went to the Assembly where it needed to be passed by two committees, by Aug. The Transportation Committee approved it (unanimously! ) but the Appropriations Committee did not approve it - they held it in "suspense." SB 986 failed either due to the (exaggerated and distorted) safety concerns voiced by the pedestrian lobby, or due to revenue concerns voiced bythe big government lobby. Had SB 986 made it through those commitees on time, it would have gone to a vote by the whole Assembly, and then to Gov. It is hard to tell if he would have signed it, or vetoed it.

His Finance Department representative said, at an Apr.

There's already 1-1/2 million private vehicles, belonging mostly to government employees and their families, with license plate numbers protected from easy or efficient look up, making those vehicles' owners effectively invisible to agencies attempting to process parking, toll, and red light camera violations.

SB 362 - had it passed - would have added meter maids, code enforcement officers, and investigators at the State Department of Insurance to the already long list of those eligible.

In 2014 Supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky "termed out." (He represented the central and western San Fernando Valley, Malibu, Santa Monica, Venice, Beverly Hills, the City of West Hollywood, and part of Hollywood.) Sheila Kuehl won the 2014 election to succeed Zev, by a narrow margin. During her time in the California Legislature, Kuehl wrote and sponsored three bills ( SB 1325 of 2008 SB 1300 of 2006 SB 466 of 2005 ) which would have allowed the use of automated speed enforcement (photo radar) in California.

Ticket Questionnaire and Email Address Sheila Kuehl is your new county supervisor.

Later in 2016, when he was just months away from being termed-out of the Assembly, he ran for mayor of the City of Irvine, and won. Some are amended to deal with an entirely different subject (called "gut and amend"), thus allowing the creation of a "new" bill weeks or months after the February deadline. My list of the members of those committees is at committee members. 1 is the best time to tell the governor what you think, but contact him no matter what time of year it is. Or you can email him, via the contact form on his website

In the last session, AB 222 (Achadian) attempted to do the same.

It failed to gain approval in 2017, but will be back in early 2018, under a different bill number - as yet undisclosed.

There's been six previous attempts, just in the last ten years, but the new 2017-2018 attempt is far better organized and planned and has two large cities backing it.

In early 2015, while he still was in the Assembly, Wagner ran to jump over to the State Senate, but lost to John Moorlach. If the governor vetos a bill, a 2/3 vote of the legislature can override that veto, and that vote can occur as late as early March of the following year. You can find their phone number at: or in the government section of your phone book.

Early the next year he started another Senate run against fellow Republican Moorlach, but backed down after encountering heavy criticism from their Party followed by the Party's endorsement of his opponent. Also, call any nearby assemblymember or state senator who is on the Transportation Committee.

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Weiner authored SCA 6 and co-authored SB 1 (which was signed into law by Gov. 28, 2017 and raises your motoring taxes) and SB 185, Sen. To see one of the reasons why everyone - even those who never speed - should oppose photo radar, read about the newly exposed corruption in the City of Fremont - see Table 2 in Set # 1 on the Fremont Docs page.

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