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This can often be done using local anesthesia (numbing medicine) in the doctor’s office. When bladder cancer is invasive, all or part of the bladder may need to be removed. Partial cystectomy: If the cancer has invaded the muscle layer of the bladder wall but is not very large and only in one place, it can sometimes be removed along with part of the bladder wall without taking out the whole bladder. Nearby lymph nodes are also removed and examined for cancer spread.

Only a small portion of people with cancer that has invaded the muscle can have this surgery.

A transurethral resection of bladder tumor (TURBT), also known as just a transurethral resection (TUR), is often used to determine if someone has bladder cancer and, if so, whether the cancer has invaded the muscle layer of the bladder wall.

The surgeon may either hold the instruments directly or may sit at a control panel in the operating room and maneuver robotic arms to do the surgery (sometimes known as a robotic cystectomy).Surgery is part of the treatment for most bladder cancers.The type of surgery done depends on the stage (extent) of the cancer.The main advantage of this surgery is that the person keeps their bladder and doesn’t need reconstructive surgery (see below).But the remaining bladder may not hold as much urine, which means they will have to urinate more often.

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