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Has a rope swing on and has some great jumping opportunities.

(Lake swimming is also nearby at the Ionia State Recreation Area southwest of Ionia and Woodard Lake north of Ionia.) From Ionia, go south across the river on Cleveland St.

'The Antigo Police Department has identified the video producer/camera man, actor and actress in the video.


This swimming hole is also surrounded by volcanic rock. This from a visitor:" This is a good spot to see if you have company as this is about the only spot to park for this beach. You will see a steep little access that is worn down from horse traffic. The beach is just a couple of hundred feet off the last coordinates. In the summer this first part of the beach is accessed by all types of people from families, teens, and people fishing. The water is ankle to waist deep most of the time, but in the spring and after a really big rain it can get fast and deeper.Again on the Lester River, within Lester Park, and about one-quarter block downstream from East Superior Street, is a 40 to 50 foot deep swimming hole located in a narrow rock gorge, with 60-80 foot rock walls (known as "The Deeps"). 82nd ave, go about another .6 miles then park at trail head on the south side of County Highway QQ at Lat. There is a berm that will not allow automobile access further down the trail, so just park at the berm and walk. It is generally a wide shallow river thought with a nice sand bottom.Swimmers jump from a bridge that crosses the gorge to the river below - the jump is at least 80 feet to the river. These are the upper and lower Amnicon Falls, Snake Pit Falls and Now and Then Falls. You can swim in the plunge pool at the bottom of the Upper Falls (Park website says "swim with care" here- water levels fluctuate.) The Lower Falls is a slide, roughly 15 feet high and 30 feet long (unknown if it is safe to slide here). Follow the trail generally south and west toward the river. The beaches change from year to year depending on what affect the spring melt had.The small Wisconsin city is 100 miles from Milwaukee and nearly 200 from Chicago - the population centers that might have been targeted by the Soviets.We know there are MANY more swimming holes in these 3 great states, but since we have only a few so far they are presented here and without a map at this time.

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