Offline address book not updating

It can proxy the request in round robin fashion if it finds more than one organization mailbox active in same AD site.

Prior to CU5, this will result in frequent full OAB downloads and is therefore, not recommended.

We will refer this mailbox as “Organization Mailbox” throughout the article.

Exchange Server 2013 mailbox server hosting the Organization Mailbox will generate all OAB’s defined in the environment.

Command to enable View Entire Forest: Set-ADServer Settings -View Entire Forest $true Creating a new OAB in Exchange 2013 no longer uses the -Server parameter.

There are two methods of changing the OAB generation server.The management and administration is different in Exchange 2013 because of architecture changes.Additionally, the new Exchange Admin Center does not currently have options for managing OABs.For a non-DAG environment, use following command to identify the OAB Generation servers: Get-Mailbox -Arbitration | where | ft name,servername For a DAG environment, identifying OAB generation server(s) is a two-step process.Step1: Identify the mailbox database hosting organization mailbox with OAB Gen capability.

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This means that, at this time, you will need to use Exchange Management Shell for OAB-related tasks.

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