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According to Bowen, Stearns’ crew was in a hurry and left after 20 minutes.

Yet behind the footage, there’s allegedly a darker side to the tiger business, according to animal-welfare advocates–one that prematurely rips cubs away from their mothers and forces-out them into stressful encounters with humen for profit.When one white tiger arrived at The Greater Wynnewood Exotic Animal Park in Oklahoma, it was so thirsty it began drinking out of a dirty puddle, a Facebook video depicted.Joe Maldonado, president of the Wynnewood park and a Libertarian candidate for governor, posted Facebook Live videos of the tigers, the burial of the cubs, and staffers administering anesthesia by sticking poles through holes in the trailer.The attraction has more than 300 animals: jaguars, lions, bears, lemurs, macaques, porcupines, bearded dragons, and other reptiles.But it’s known for baby tigers, deployed for photo-ops and swim sessions in the zoo’s chlorinated pool.

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