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Anyone who frequents the Handprints site who possesses material like that, either in hard copy form or on your hard drive is strongly advised to do likewise.Keep in mind that if you live in the USA, your State also has its own child porn statutes and in some cases they are even stricter than the Federal statutes.If you have a spanking fetish and you so much as look at an online photo or video of even a posed pretend spanking of a real minor or even of someone who appears to be a real minor, you are putting yourself at risk not merely of imprisonment, but of imprisonment as a sadistic kiddie beating pervert whom the other prison inmates will want to jump in the shower and ram a shiv between your ribs the first chance they get.To survive your years behind bars, you may need to be in protective custody, which means "the hole," a prison within a prison, in which you can expect your food to be urinated in and laced with broken glass daily because everyone on staff will know which tray of food is going to that scumsucking dirtbag sadistic child porn lover in isolation cell #2.Even if you overwrite the file with other data, forensic data recovery specialists can use statistical methods to go through your hard drive bit domain by bit domain and reconstruct the file and thus prove you once possessed it unless you overwrite it multiple times with random data using a file shredding program.

"Chi1d p0rnography," under US law, means "photographic depictions of minors engaged in sexually explicit conduct." Title 18 U. sadistic or masochistic abuse." So a posed photo of an adult with a bare bottomed minor across their lap with their hand in the air as if preparing to administer the first spank WOULD qualify as child porn if the prosecutor can convince a jury that you find fantasies involving spanked minors erotic.

Do you think you could handle that for 5-10 years straight?

Anyone who tells you that a photo or video of a real or simulated spanking of a real minor is legal for fetishists to collect in the USA is either ignorant or lying and possibly a cop hoping to entrap you.

Posted by Hand Prince: Before I ever started the Handprints site, I went to New York City for a personal consultation with a first amendment lawyer who specialized in defending people accused of violating the chi1d p0rnography statutes.

I wanted to make sure the website I envisioned would be entirely within the law.

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Too bad you have to shut down KWRE from all three sources, 730 AM, 95.1 FM and online.

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