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But that kind of inaccuracy isn’t a good idea, either.

“Think of all the people you didn’t attract to your profile by posting a less-than-flattering image,” says Knafo.

You simply want photos that reflect you at your best, explains Merav Knafo, co-founder of Look Better, a network of photographers specializing in profile pictures for online dating.

Incidentally, Knafo hears from people who have the problem — their dates are pleasantly surprised to discover how much better they look in person compared with their profile pictures.

Had he not posted those photos, we wouldn’t be together today.” What if you’d rather not reveal yourself from the neck down?

Depending on how you describe yourself, that could also be construed as posting an inaccurate representation of what you actually look like because it excludes the rest of your body.

In person, someone’s voice, laugh, charisma, and body language can all influence how much you fancy them.

People are particularly fussy about looks when online dating.

Don’t you think we know that baseball cap is hiding varying degrees of baldness?

” Eventually, that hat’s going to come off when you meet someone and start dating anyway. Nobody wants to date someone who is cranky,” says Knafo.

“But no brunette wants to see blond tresses peeking out and men don’t want to see a half-cropped black tuxedo or bare chest resting against someone’s body.” So unless you’re sure you can do it seamlessly, don’t slice anyone out of your photos.

In the interest of full disclosure, go hatless if your hairline is receding, says Koppel: “Attention, older men!

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