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They may establish a sense of urgency with a limited time offer to rattle your sense of judgment and get you to act quickly.After payment, you may receive a receipt in your inbox that has been manipulated to look official, but you will never receive your product and will be unable to contact the seller.

The seller will ask you to send money through wire transfer, Pay Pal, or Money Gram without seeing the product, providing you with a long-winded excuse about why you will have to pay first.Recently, users of popular classified sites have reported cases of buyer protection or payment program scams.If you receive an email that appears to be from the classified site advertising these services, please report it to the website as it may be an attempt at fraud.Privacy Shield, which masks the phone number and email address of all private sellers on Auto and Auto, makes it difficult for scammers to find your contact details online.Learn more about how Privacy Shield protects online sellers and buyers here.

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