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The first is when Oprah was 6 years old, preparing to "preach" in her Grandma's church.Though life on the farm with her Grandma was primitive, (there was no running water or electricity) Little Oprah was happy, reading and reciting poetry and scriptures.No one could have predicted that a small, poor, black girl would grow up to be one of the richest, most powerful and influential women in history." And so begins this skit, a tribute to Oprah Winfrey and the contributions to the world she has had made throughout her lifetime.This skit takes you through 3 "scenes" in Oprah's life.She doesn't think it sounds too crazy but her sister Louvinia (Lou) and her husband, Charles Walker, aren't so sure. While three of the teens are hopeful, three are not.Arguing that Sarah can barely read and knows nothing about hair products, Lou and Charles try to dissuade her. She knows she was given the hair formula for a reason and figures if she can change her name to something that sounds more official, people will listen to her and buy her products. Towards the end of the skit, an appearance is made by President Abraham Lincoln himself, giving a short narration on the details of his afternoon, leading up to signing this very important piece of historical documentation.They begin to explore the uniqueness of each other, as well as discover that "deep down we're really not all that different.We all have the same needs and wants." Told with humor, this skit points out that diversity is all a part of the "big picture," and that you can't always judge people by what's on the outside.

Michelle tries to convince him that change takes time and that he is exactly where he needs to be right now.

Little did they know, they would soon be experiencing it in a most unusual way, when the statues in the room come to life!

Soon, Civil War soldiers and spies are sharing their "war" stories and Ike and Jetta find out what it was really like to be an African American soldier back in the 1800's.

Told through the eyes of the witnesses who were there on the day he died, this skit depicts the humanity of one of our country's greatest leaders.

Plagued with death threats, bomb scares and even a physical stabbing, Dr.

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are standing in the same room, causing Mr & Mrs Obama to faint.

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