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Watch your child's school web page for any personal information about your kids such as pictures of a student, full name, address, etc.

This information can be found using search engines if a predator knows your child's full name, school, or grade. Just like the Internet children should not give out any personal information to other players or trade in-game items for in-game services or real life personal information.

Doing this is a great way to see what your child is doing and posting.

The Internet is full of acronyms, lingo, codes, and other terms that can be used to disguise what is being said.

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Click here for a directory of potential questions and which departments to contact.

Some web pages and content on the Internet are not suitable for all audiences.

Below is a listing of different steps you can do to help ensure your child is protected from harmful material or web pages you believe are not suitable for your children.

See the Internet filters section for a listing of these programs.

Make sure your child is not viewing appropriate pages by looking at the Internet browser's history or make sure they are not deleting the history to hide what they are viewing.

Look at the browser address bar or location bar for additional information about what was typed in the browser address bar.

If you are using a new version of Windows, we highly recommend trying the Family Safety program included with Windows.

Older versions of Windows running Microsoft Internet Explorer can also protect their family from harmful material by enabling Internet Explorer Content Advisor.

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