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This became evident with evasi0n7, because most devices that were updated OTA, had to be restored with i Tunes first, since the jailbreak would often fail if it was not.

states filesystem before update, - after and describes the patches to be applied during update process.OTA permits the distribution of the latest software updates to smart devices with the necessary settings with which to access services like WAP or MMS.In modern mobile devices like smartphones, OTA updates may simply refer to obtaining distributed software updates via Wi-Fi, mobile broadband and built-in function in the operating system, where "over-the-air" refers to wireless Internet application, without the need for users to connect the device to the computer via USB connection to perform updates.The project has one goal: to provide a way to provide OTA Updates as easy and noob friendly as possible.One necessary feature of OTA is that a central location will send an update to any users at once, who are unable to refuse, damage, or alter that update, which the update applies right away to everyone on the channel.

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