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But the second profile also received over 50 messages in a single week.For most guys, one message initiated by a woman is cause enough to jump for joy.One of a very attractive woman and another of a somewhat unkempt woman with below average looks.

I have a very charismatic friend who regularly dated women taller than him; on more than one occasion these women confessed that had they met online, he wouldn’t get a chance.

And what happens after you have spent hours setting up a date only to realize in the first five minutes that you are not physically attracted or that your personalities don’t jive?

In the real world, these things are established in real time; you know instantaneously if you are physically attracted and after a short conversation, you can establish whether this is someone who you might want to hang with.

What I didn’t expect was how hard and incredibly grueling it can be. I’m tired of spending so much time and energy on guys just to watch them fade out of my life because they’ve found someone better.

I’m sick of putting myself through that, and then to be reminded over and over again that there is always someone better.

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