Reallife cam mo diana and efrim

Featuring two members of legendary hardcore punk band Zero Boys (Paul Mahern, Scott Kellogg) and Bloomington, Indianas finest (David England, Alex Jarvis), *ask have been out on the tiles since 2011, when they released their debut 7", "Painted Hole/Best Friends".

In the six years since, *ask have lingered on the farthest shore.

Live the overwhelming explosion of sound is completed with visuals blobbed out by live VJ's.

This is a follow up to their well received "Especially For You" album and is more than a studio-project.

Princess Jesus, a character in her own right, says it best: It is appropriate that their name contains a symbol, because that is what *ask represent: a symbol.

When the shorts did come back, it did so with “Afros,” a song about a couple (Samberg & Wiig) who share one gigantic afro. You're Always on My Mind is the band's second full length and was recorded with Ed Ackerson (Limbeck, Motion City Soundtrack, Polara, The Replacements) and mastered by Roger Seibel (Deathcab for Cutie, Andrew Bird, Bon Iver). Representing Riverside, CA to its fullest, A Shipwreck A Castaway is a six piece pop-punk band that plays fast and energetic songs that you can sing-a-long to comlete with heavy mosh parts. Special bonus mixes, exclusive to this compilation, plus 2 stellar remixes by industrial legends Die Krupps and Guenter Schultz (KMFDM/Slick Idiot). BLUE RADIO's are a campy female Japanese rock & roll band that borrows heavily from Shonen Knife's kitschy sense of humor, but not their buzzing, three-chord Ramones homage. 50 Tons) are homegrown holligan bluesniks, dirty, nasty, lowdown, scuffed up psychotics, who are sleazoid, wailing and mental as anything." (Metal Hammer) TRACKLISTING: 01.

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