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We also docummented typical questions that come up around passwordless: check out the FAQ.

As developers we have to deal with a handful of devices, screen sizes, and browser-specific challenges.

We are seeing a trend that web applications are moving to longer session expirations so that users are not asked to log in frequently - similar to a native app on a mobile device.This is perhaps more cumbersome than Medium’s emailed links, however, because users would then have to type in the password they received via text into the website, instead of just clicking a link.However, some security experts said that these sorts of SMS-based passwords weren’t safer than the one-time-passwords generated using authentication tokens or other strong authentication schemes like cryptographic smart cards, but are actually providing users with the “illusion of increased security.” Similarly, experts will likely claim that emailed links aren’t significantly safer either, citing the fact that email itself isn’t really a secure form of communication for a variety of reasons – plus, anyone with access to your inbox could then click the link and take over your Medium account.Previously, the company allowed its users to sign in using their Twitter or Facebook credentials, but it received feedback from many who said they wanted an option to use Medium without having to authenticate with their social networking credentials.Or, in some cases, users said they didn’t have a Facebook or Twitter account, and didn’t want to create one just to use Medium.

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