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EHB's profile was scarcely filled out, but his charisma via e H Mail made up for the lack of on-site personality.They used e H Mail to communicate back and forth for five days discussing their careers, locations, and weekend plans.If you're in the What If section, the profiles are presented as super-sexy slides you navigate in a slideshow-like fashion.Although those people are designated as being "outside of your range," e Harmony displays what you have in common (such as action movies or yoga, for example).This online dating site costs a pretty penny if you want to unlock its full potential, but with the high price tag comes an unparalleled online dating experience—provided you're heterosexual.Getting Started Let's get this out of the way immediately: e Harmony doesn't let potential homosexual users create an account.Online dating no longer carries the stigma of being the last hope for society's undesirables to try their luck at love—and for avoiding direct human contact in social settings.

A one-time .99 payment scores you a Book of You, which highlights your personality traits based on a questionnaire and acts as an extension of your profile.

You can also request to connect via e H Mail, the site's messaging system.

There's also Secure Call, in which you and a potential exchange e Harmony-provided phone numbers (so you don't have to give out your true phone number), but it comes with a small cost, outlined below Premium Extras .95 per year nets you Secure Call, which gives you a private number for calling other e Harmony members.

They met a few days later at a trendy but understated Italian wine bar.

Kara walked in and EHB was already there, at a table—not the bar—and easy to spot.

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