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Michael, to Monica (Braithwaite), an accountant, and Ronald Fenty, a warehouse supervisor.

Her mother is of Afro-Guyanese descent and her father has Afro-Barbadian and English/Irish/Scottish ancestry (known as "Redlegs" in the Caribbean).

This ultimately caused their relationship to blow out when the same woman appeared before the couple at Clive Davis' 2009 Grammys pre-party.

A few days after the incident at the party, Brown turned himself in to the LAPD for questioning on felony charges.

In 2016, she began dating Drake, whom she'd previously dated in 2009.

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However, as their relationship got serious, he told the Umbrella hitmaker that he had indeed hooked up with the woman.Her life changed forever when one of her friends introduced her to Evan Rodgers, a producer from New York who was in Barbados for a vacation with his wife, who is a native.Rodgers arranged for her to go to New York to meet Jay Z, CEO of Def Jam Records. She would sell clothes in a street stall with her dad, who was addicted to crack cocaine.Rihanna (born Robyn Rihanna Fenty; 20.2.1988) is the first female from Barbados to have received a Grammy Award and is currently signed to the Def Jam Recordings record label.She was presented with an area of land in Appes Hill, St. Net worth: Rihanna's earnings are 0 million according to Celebrity Net Worth as of 2016.

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  1. The two had a very high-profile two year relationship, going their separate ways in 2005. Still, they dated until she was 19, so there was obviously a lot of love there.

  2. Before James and I met up with Mike and Sheila again, we sat and chatted by ourselves just outside of a curtained-off area on the top floor beyond which various couples were, in theory, getting to know each other physically.