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There could be an error on the serverside and the clientside is not updated since it's using a callback.

Both the master and detail gridviews have link buttons for edit and add new activities. If I used the same code in the button click event of a button on the page, then it works fine.

I am anable to understand what is wrong with my code. Partial Public Class Refernce Page Inherits System.

BORefered Table Dim Obj Controller Release As Controller. Is Post Back = False Then Try Fill Tables In Drop Down() Bind Data() 'ddl_Table Name.

Added By = CType(Session("User Profile"), BOUser Profile).

Selected Value) End If Catch ex As Exception Common. To String) End Try Bind Data() End Sub Protected Sub dgv_Ref Tables_Row Editing(By Val sender As Object, By Val e As System.

I want to reload the page on aspxgridview_row updating event.

I am using the row Updating method as described in the blog, but the exception forces my code to stop the code in visual studio (like you would at a break point) and displays the message.

Once I click play again, the code carries on and the program continues.

Grid View Update Event Args) Handles dgv_Ref Tables.

Update Refered Table Data(obj BORefered Table, ddl_Table Name. Edit Index = -1 'Bind Data() End Sub Private Sub Bind Data() Dim ctrl As New Controller.

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