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Yayasan Sabah was headed toward bankruptcy, which would likely result in the area being re-zoned for more profitable activities, namely palm oil production. The idea being that oil palm would boost Yayasan Sabah’s fortunes, while yielding more money and political will for conservation.

At the same time, the concession served as critical habitats for endangered wildlife. It was indeed a trade-off: today there are some 80,000 hectares of oil palm within the concession, yet there is also now more than 500,000 hectares of totally protected forests, not including the 203,000 added in Sabah last month.

Map of logging roads in Sabah Map of forest clearance in Sabah Map of logging in Sabah.

Sabah, who has died aged 87, was a Lebanese singer who recorded more than 50 albums, acted in some 80 films, had 3,500 songs in her repertoire and was reported to have been married nine times; her stage name – meaning “Morning” – hinted at her fondness for a new dawn.

Along with the singers Fairuz and Wadih El Safi, and the composer Zaki Nassif, she was one of a quartet of Lebanese musical icons who were said to embody “joie de vivre à la Libanaise”.

“Pragmatism is a word many people hate, but the reality is if we want all, we will end up losing all.” According to data from Global Forest Watch, Sabah experienced substantial change in tree cover between 20, losing nearly 900,000 hectares but gaining back just over 600,000 ha.

Those numbers reflect active logging and turnover of oil palm plantations, which are typically replanted on a 20-30 year cycle.

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