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In October 2016, Packer announced that their engagement was off.

According to reports, another man in Carey’s life is the reason for the breakup.

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Ever since Carey rose to fame with her hit single “Vision of Love” in 1990, she has been in the news for both her outstanding singing, and her tumultuous personal life.They were married on June 5, 1993, and Carey’s career took off.After four years of trying to make their marriage work, the couple got divorced.She is reported to have dated her manager, Mark Sudack, from 2003 to 2005, before dating model Christian Monzon from 2005 to 2006.Carey found stability in her personal life when she met actor and comedian Nick Cannon in 2007. Carey became a mother in April 2011 after giving birth to fraternal twins Moroccan and Monroe Cannon.

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The man accused of ending the Carey-Packer engagement is Mariah Carey’s backup dancer Bryan Tanaka.

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