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The ability to market products directly through a channel that scales up to an incredibly high ceiling is very attractive.The only problem is that it's costing more and more money to acquire email addresses from potential customers, and the engagement from email is getting worse and worse.This is great for the consumer because they don't need to leave the environment of Facebook to get access to the content they want, and it's hugely beneficial to Politico, as they're able to push on-demand content through to an increasingly engaged audience - oh, and they can also learn a bunch of interesting things about their audience in the process (I'll get to this shortly).There are a bunch of e-commerce stores taking advantage of chatbots as well.Not only that, but it's becoming more and more difficult to even reach someone's email inbox; Google's move to separate out promotional emails into their 'promotions' tab and increasing problems of email deliverability have been top reasons behind this.

Just take a look at some of the most searched-for keywords in the search engines related to chatbots (data from Storybase): This is why we can't have nice things.I've come across this challenge many times, which has made me very focused on adopting new channels that have potential at an early stage to reap the rewards. We're currently at a point where video ads are reaching their peak; cost is still relatively low and engagement is high, but, like with most ad platforms, increased competition will drive up those prices and make it less and less viable for smaller companies (and larger ones) to invest in it.Being an early adopter of a new channel can provide enormous benefits, but that comes with equally high risks. Early adopters within Amazon's marketplace were able to focus on building a solid base of reviews for their products - a primary ranking signal - which meant that they'd create huge barriers to entry for competitors (namely because they were always showing up in the search results before them).That aside, there are some really great chatbots that have been built that add a bunch of value whilst also benefitting the brand commercially.One that I really like is the Politico chatbot that gives you regular digests of news whilst also serving you up relevant information that you ask for.

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Every marketing channel suffers from fatigue at one stage.

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