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The few vulnerable females that exist in 3039 are protected from exploitation by strict laws.Twenty-first century females, on the other hand, are in plentiful supply, and are quite easily exploited.s easier that way.Older chastity belts had been heavy and cumbersome, requiring elaborate locking mechanisms, which were difficult to maintain or to wear for long periods.Thirty-first century females are generally averse to being controlled by men, and besides, most are vain and beautiful because of tremendous strides in medical science and body modification.A particular advantage is that the implants can be switched on or off allowing easy removal of the material when necessary.

She possessed several sex toys which she used frequently to give herself pleasure as she lay on her bed alone night after night.I had been observing her, and many others, for quite a while.I first noticed her whilst having a drink at the city bar where she had worked for a time.She told me her name was Victoria, but that everyone called her She then told me what she did for a living having first worked behind a bar after university, before moving into middle management doing dreary paper work for a large hotel, pub, and restaurant chain. It was clear she was depressed and unhappy and wanted to talk. Her obesity had ruined any hopes of a meaningful relationship. I work for a company which is pioneering medical research and development.Before long she was almost sobbing her heart to me. Our researchers recently made some huge breakthroughs in obesity and body modification without resorting to surgery, dieting or drugs.

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  1. These also could be just very brief glimpses of someone’s cleavage or of someone in an every day position that is sexually titillating to the viewer.”This woman’s partner is not unusual.

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