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Each of these specialty searches raises various legal and regulatory issues, so we advise that you consult experienced employment counsel when building a screening program and related screening packages.Aside from the internal time a company may spend, background checks ordered from providers range from a few dollars to find addresses to hundreds of dollars for more extensive investigation.Some background screening providers [such as Hire Right] offer services to do this work for you.We provide you with whitepapers and other reference materials that can help you to understand your employment background screening obligations under the FCRA.Hire Right Express's login page has the FCRA guidelines.In addition, Hire Right provides a compliance checklist inside the login.Because state laws and industry regulations vary, this is a question best left to your legal counsel.

The compliance certification in our Service Agreement provides an overview of the fundamental compliance obligations to which you must comply.

You may also find a copy of the FCRA here: Copy of FCRA Compliancy Rules As a best practice employers generally extend an offer conditional on the successful completion of a background check.

While the FCRA does not specifically require this, certain city, county, and state laws may do so.

This depends on a variety of factors, not the least of which includes the goals and budget of the employer (e.g., search speed vs. Criminal record searches generally are at the foundation of an employment background check – due in substantial part to protect its workforce and prevent against negligent hire claims.

Searching the county courthouses in the areas where the person has lived is an industry best practice.

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