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This year is running an anti-Valentine’s campaign of sorts.

They are calling it their Love Sucks sale; the whole pitch is “Love sucks, but your Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to!

The Fan also features live and local programming, 7-days a week with the ‘Burgh’s most entertaining roster of sports personalities.

The sex is a specialty of Moon's own Gnostic "family" cult.We also provide a consultation service for troubleshooting problems with your existing fire protection system and for engineers who are in the planning stage of new projects. has been the authorized representatives for Metron, Inc, in Southern California, Arizona and Nevada since the early 1970s.In 1984 the original owner, Ken Cramer, handed over his company to the current owner, Tom Stolarski, after over 35 years selling and servicing fire pump controllers.and one of the largest network-owned station groups in the country.Click here for KDKA […]Welcome to NEWSRADIO 1020 KDKA on!

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But when her captor opens the door to beat her lightly with a stick, before plunging her back into darkness again?

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  4. Three years later, Foxx played taxi driver Max Durocher in the film Collateral alongside Tom Cruise, for which he received outstanding reviews and a nomination for the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor.

  5. We’ve all seen the breathless stories about the latest sign of the coming Artificial Intelligence apocalypse, and we’ve all seen the fine print revealing those stories to be empty hype.

  6. In the Ancient Near East along the Tigris–Euphrates river system there were many shrines and temples or "houses of heaven" dedicated to various deities documented by the Ancient Greek historian Herodotus in The Histories As early as the 18th century BC, ancient Mesopotamia recognized the need to protect women's property rights.

  7. Difficultly: Beginner – Intermediate (source: dcinehd) Plot: The comic is about a village of Gauls as they resist Roman occupation in 50 B. Asterix, a small, mustached warrior, is the hero of the village, who is accompanied in his adventures by Obelix, his overweight and simpleminded best friend.

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