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This study was carried out through the collection of network measurements from a local vantage point in Zambia, based on a set of designed to examine whether a set of websites were blocked, and whether systems that could be responsible for internet censorship and surveillance were present in the tested network (MTN Zambia).

The aim of this study is to increase transparency about potential internet controls in Zambia which might have interfered with the democratic process of elections.

While freedom of expression is guaranteed under Zambia’s Constitution, in practice this right can be limited by broad interpretations of laws that restrict expression in the interest of national security, public order and safety.

Zambia’s Constitution was recently .” Clause 2 of Article 23 explicitly prohibits the State from exercising control or interfering with the production or circulation of publications, or with the dissemination of information through any media.

illustrate that connections to the websites of the World Economic Forum, the Organization of American States (OAS), and an online-dating site ( failed consistently from Zambia’s MTN network across the testing period, while failure rates from control vantage points were below 1%, indicating that these sites might have been blocked.

Pornography and sites supporting LGBT dating also appeared to be inaccessible throughout the testing period, and such blocking can potentially be legally justified under Zambia’s aimed at identifying “middle boxes” capable of performing internet censorship, did not reveal the presence of censorship equipment.

This principle raises concerns, as (Part XI, “Interception of Communication”) includes details about how lawful interception is carried out, generally requiring a court order (Article 66).

Service providers are also required to provide interfaces for transmitting all intercepted communications directly to the Central Monitoring and Coordination Centre.The right to privacy is enshrined in Article 19 of Zambia’s , and Article 42 of the Act specifies the principles for the electronic collection of personal information.While most of these principles include important provisions for data protection, it is noteworthy that principle 9 enables data controllers to “use any personal information to compile profiles for statistical purposes and may freely trade with such profiles and statistical data, as long as the profiles or statistical data cannot be linked to any specific data subject by a third party”.All internet and mobile service providers in Zambia are privately-owned, with the exception of Zamtel, which is state-owned.Overall, Zambia has 16 different Internet Service Providers (ISPs), and 3 mobile operators: Airtel, MTN and Zamtel. The limited amount of internet users in Zambia is due to a number of reasons, including high costs of hardware, software and access to the internet, poor network coverage, erratic and expensive electricity, and high levels of illiteracy and poverty ( (1) A person has the right to freedom of expression which includes – (a) freedom to hold an opinion; (b) freedom to receive or impart information or ideas; © freedom of artistic creativity; (d) academic freedom; and (e) freedom of scientific and technological research, as prescribed.

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