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We can put aside, for now at least, any consideration of whether it harms the robots emotionally or in any other way, though we might need to return to that eventually.

It might be that sex with robots harms the human participant directly.

According to the , Real Doll founder and CEO Matt Mc Mullen has hired a team away from Hanson Robotics for the new project, dubbed Realbotix, for the express purpose of animating these dolls.

The team is reportedly developing an artificial intelligence system capable both of following commands and verbally responding to its user.

It could be argued that the whole business is simply demeaning and undignified, for example – though dignified sex is pretty difficult to pull off at the best of times.

It might be that the human partner’s emotional nature is coarsened and denied the chance to develop, or that their social life is impaired by their spending every evening with the machine.

You’d think that if confusion were to arise it would be far more likely and much more dangerous in the case of chat-bots or other machines whose typical interactions were relatively intellectual. My soggy conclusion is that things are far more complex than the campaign takes them to be, and a blanket ban is not really an appropriate response.

Obviously that's a problem because I can't find any alternate way to complete the quest.

I'm on the PC version, so I have console commands, but I don't really know what I'm doing or what the best way to fix it would be.

Talking to various NPC's and then going back to Mitch doesn't fix it, and neither does loading an old save. I just went and did some other quests and then when I came back a while later he gave me the holotape.

Jpogue , October 22, 2010 (UTC) I meant Mick, not Mitch, sorry. Jpogue , October 22, 2010 (UTC) Another Problem with quest I am also having a problem with this quest.

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