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As they learn more about each other, they find that there are differences in desires, both inside and outside of the bedroom.

These can be as simple as what kind of movies they want to watch and as complex as one partner wanting monogamy and the other wanting an open relationship.

And not enough Japanese babies are being born: a Doomsday Clock has even been created that shows when Japan’s population will disappear.

Keep up with this story and more It’s considered to be such a big problem in Japan that even the government has intervened by hosting speed-dating events for women and fatherhood workshops where men play with dolls and learn how to care for a baby.

If you decide you want to face it together, learn more about how Sex and Relationship Coaching can help you recover from an affair.

Take your relationship to a level of communication, love and connection you never thought possible.

Feel the desire to be loved, appreciated, accepted, desired, supported, sexually satisfied, received, safe, choiceful, valued, seen and celebrated.When it comes to the , we help you see ways that you are subtly blaming and shaming yourself and/or your partner and to change these negative habits, so you can experience the growth and healing that a relationship has the potential to provide.We help you use the difficult times in your relationship to build more intimacy instead of eroding it.Unless both partners are completely happy with this arrangement, sexless or low-sex marriages can lead to deep resentment, distance, cheating, and even break-ups and divorce.While good communication or therapy can often help resolve relationship issues, these are usually not enough to get couples to feel desire for one another again or to come up with creative solutions to their sexless relationship.

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