Sexuality in marriage dating and other relationships a decade review

Married women are less likely to be victims of domestic violence, and married couples are more likely to be happy and less likely to attempt suicide.

The studies compiled by the Heritage Foundation also found many positive effects on children.

promiscuity, relationship commitment, number of children being raised, health risks, and rates of intimate partner violence. Gay activists often point to high divorce rates among married couples, suggesting that heterosexuals fare no better than homosexuals.

Research shows, however, that male homosexual relationships last only a fraction of the length of most marriages.

The popular media treats heterosexual couples and homosexual couples as if they are no different. Timothy Dailey has compiled numerous statistics that demonstrate significant differences.

One headline proclaimed, “Married and Gay Couples Not All that Different,” and essentially said they were just like the couple next door. He shows that “committed” homosexual relationships are radically different from married couples in at least six ways: relationship duration, monogamy vs.

• Children in married families are less likely to have developmental problems.

Children in married homes are generally healthier physically and emotionally when they reach adulthood than children from other home situations. Unwin studied eighty-six cultures that stretched across five thousand years.

Although these are relatively recent studies, the conclusions have been known for much longer. He found that when a society restricted sex to marriage, it thrived.

However, he also found that when a society weakened the sexual ethic of marriage, it deteriorated and eventually disintegrated.

Are heterosexual couples and homosexual couples different?

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