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Sellers can list items individually or through a CQout store, offering a payment method called Secure Pay, which is CQout’s in-house escrow system.

Secure Pay holds your money until after you examine your purchase.

Once you are satisfied that the product is in fine working order, the buyer notifies the seller and the funds are released.

Features Singapore is one of the leading web portals in Singapore, drawing a lot of users daily, especially people from Singapore expat community.

Our top ten platforms discussed below have great customer volume, excellent checkout procedures and manageable fees.

(Click here for the low-down on e Bay fees) Those contained in the “Bonus” section are less well known, and might present themselves as a new sales channel for you!

Another great point about Craigslist is that its website always loads faster than its counterparts.

Features STClassifieds, previously known as ST701 Shops, is a local classified ads website, proudly used by many Singaporeans.

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