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He merges himself into his surroundings and flows along with it.

These are the characteristics of what Zhuangzi calls the Perfected: those who live in an undifferentiated state of unity, a neutrality in which Heaven experiences itself directly in each moment.

Jem and I consciously conceived Emerald using very deep Tao alchemical methods of aligning and communicating with the heart of this Cosmos, in order to create a clear pathway for his birth.

We infused our hearts with the presence of Tai Yi (lit.

I’d like to be clear that this kind of inner plane communication I had with Emerald (or his oversoul) is not channeling.

It is direct vibrational communication between embodied and dis-embodied beings, on equal terms, with no intermediary.

if you had weak wood in your chart, you might choose a name with “bamboo” in it). cavalry as settlers invaded their southern Colorado hunting grounds. Is there karmic work for Emerald and I to complete together on the issue of betrayal?He sputtered, began breathing, and was soon nursing. has image of Taoist 3 Pure Ones (San Yuan), the Original Beings who regulate the three primary heavens of creation.Emerald’s journey was to travel from Primordial Heaven (unity state), through Early Heaven (subtle energy forms), to arrive in Later Heaven (physical plane). Prepare to capture the Summer Solstice energy with meditation or ceremony this Saturday, June 21st.“Great Oneness”), the Being of the Central Sun and source of all love and unity in this cosmos. He later told me that there was too much evil Qi involving Betrayal attacking my field that I had to clear first.Think of Tai Yi as the Cosmic Egg before it cracked open. We made love in a pool beneath a waterfall in a sidecanyon. My sister and I both felt Emerald’s powerful presence for ten days in the Canyon. I increased my efforts to heal that situation within the wider Healing Tao community.

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