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Sometimes the exact figures were slightly off, so they came out as £350m every day would come TO us FROM the EU, which we could spend on the National Health Service, but that’s just a detail.Everyone accepted there would be lots of numbers and that’s the main thing.The Prime Minister tried her best to give them more money, but Bulgarians took her guinea pig hostage and threatened to squirt carpet cleaner in its eye unless she kept them poor, so what could she do?

I’d just sit there and look at diagrams, occasionally saying, “What’s this bit?The maps are part of an infographic created by Move Hub, a website for people looking to move abroad, which swap the names of countries around the world for their second languages.In a series of maps of the world's continents - Europe, North America, South America, Central America, Africa, Asia and the Middle East - the maps highlight the effects of colonisation and cultural imperalism.This is the boost the low-paid have been waiting for, because poor wages are caused by immigration.For example, the nurses have gone several years without a rise, because of a pay cap imposed by Bulgarians.

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  2. In 2008, the Catholic Church paid 6 million in compensation for sexual abuse. Like other groups in Papua New Guinea, domestic pigs are prized for meat and status.9. None of these many millions are included in his assessment of twentieth-century (male) war fatalities. He leaves out every one of South America’s various twentieth-century wars and dictatorships infamous for torturing and disappearing tens of thousands of civilians.