Squier bass serial number dating

But, it turns out that Fender’s “Modern Player” series are (or were) made in China with a Fender brand (not “Squier by Fender”).

So not a fake; a Chinese Fender, but a real Fender nonetheless.

From 2005 on (until 2008/2009) the very first D-Caster and the D-Bass were not given serial numbers.

Later models were given (as in the case of the 49er model) numbers corresponding to a new system.

A small number of Duesenberg guitars were built under the aegis of Rockinger in the 1980s. The official Duesenberg time frame, along with serial identification of instruments according to a unique numbering system, did not begin until 1995.

It was in 1995 that the first Duesenberg instruments were made available.

The serial number itself is engraved on a small oval-shaped metal plate screwed onto the back of the headstock.

it has that beautiful amber tinted super duper high gloss finish on the neck, nice rounded fret edges.

I answered a similar question for someone yesterday that had a CGF serial number on a Fender-branded Stratocaster.

The serial number didn’t work in Fender’s dating website, nor did it figure in Squier dating apps or the Guitar Dating Project.

__________________ Fenders: MIA Select HSS Strat, MIA Tele Standard, Stratacoustic, Duo-Sonic, Bullet Strat, Affinity Tele Epiphones: LP Standard Harmony: '69 Archtone 1213 Gibson: None... Fender Frontman 212 i havent been able to put it down since bringing it home.

even the Les Paul Classic is being neglected right now.

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i wish i had a working camera so i could post pics of it.

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