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For the guys, it is a preview of the twisted mind of a typical mom and her feelings towards their daughters’ suitors. I felt that it strained our mother-daughter relationship for a long time. Don’t be too chummy-chum-chum with the suitor or boyfriend. Funny thing is the second daughter and rejected suitor became a couple. And my daughter coldly replied eh, why don’t you talk and comfort him? I have my reasons but I’d rather not mention it here. The problem with me was that my approach was old-school, manipulative and controlling. I should have just said my piece then let it go and allow her to make mistakes. Inspite of my stringent rules, I have to give her credit for not eloping with her boyfriend (a friend’s daughter did just that and had a baby soon after.) 5. Often I’d agree and nod “Oy, he is cute.” One day, my girl showed me a friendster url of her crush. But as I mentioned in number 4, say your piece, then let it go. Her daughter’s first sexual experience led to pregnancy only because she thought she’d never get pregnant. My daughters cringe with awkwardness every time I babble on sex education. Eventually, I allowed my daughter to continue the relationship with the guy (in number 4) after I discovered they were still together after a year. Secretly, I was hoping she’d see my reasons eventually. I had to pass through being an uncool mom to be a cool mom. You may contact Noemi (noemidado @ gmail.com) for speaking and consultancy services in the following areas: Parenting in the Digital Age (includes pro-active parenting on cyber-bullying and bullying) ; Social Business ; Reinventing One’s Life; and social media engagement.With Lauren’s permission to illustrate examples, here are my own guidelines. Just because she is your daughter doesn’t mean she is like you. I should have sat down with her and set the boundaries of a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship. The boyfriend was a delinquent who kept flunking his classes in high school. I believe it would not have worked out in the end because my girl was serious with her studies. Well, he looked a bit weird with his mohawk hair but I found out he has yet to take up some college education. Mommies tend to empathize with the rejected suitor or the dumped boyfriend. When my daughter dumped a suitor (who often talked to me via instant messenger) in favor of another guy, I was flabbergasted. Nagging is not going to stop your daughter from liking a guy. So I often say, ““Don’t even believe your boyfriend when he says he has protection”“. I’d rather see them cringe during my lecture than see them cringe in pain with an unplanned pregnancy. I often dropped hints on the qualities of the guy that would suit my daughters. Moms know a lot more about their daughter more than they even know themselves. Our parenting workshop is called "Prep to Prime (P2P): Parenting in the Digital Age (An Un­Workshop)" P2P Un­Workshops are conducted by two golden women in their prime, Noemi and Jane, who have a century’s worth of experience between them.

Households where children from prior marriages are combined are perhaps particularly vulnerable to this sort of thing happening, for reasons which will hopefully become clear in a moment.

I never told Butch that her daughter had a boyfriend. Livid with anger, she was grounded the whole summer.

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One of these was handling our daughter’s suitors and request for parties once they reached high school.

The topic was met with dread and fear of our daughters mixing with the wrong crowd or better yet, having a boyfriend at so young an age. Okay I was disappointed with her college boyfriend who dropped out of school.

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