Terracial dating

as long as we're black, Asian men stay back...you're looking for marriage, you have a WAY better chance with Black, White, or Latino men.

Thanks but I typically like anything other than Asian guys anyway.

Shad Gregory Moss hasn’t gone by the name Lil’ Bow Wow for some time now.

But if you squint hard enough and try to ignore the barrage of broad African-American stereotypes in his latest film, Lottery Ticket, it’s easy to see that the former pint-size Snoop Dog protégé has grown into a likable leading man.

Well i think we assimilate in to society better than the arabs,indians and the blacks have done.. so do be so quick to juge, most of use are smarter and have rockin body's.

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Yes, but in all honesty, I can imagine that the families of both sides in the relationship would potentially cause even more problems than you see in other interracial couples.

That is, until he realizes he’s holding the winning ticket in a 0 million lottery.

Another thing is just because where dark doesn't mean we do think or have a piece of mind and sweetie there maybe odor on other black girls but not all of them. Also don't follow the starotipic characteristic that people have againist black's there are many ranges to black people just on you ghetto one you seem to only know.

My last and finale thing is the "Darker the cherry the sweeter the berry,"you need to do some thinking. I think we asian men ( at least the ones from the far east) are v concerned about slim trim petite bodies,cleanliness and body odour..

I think that denial is an awful drug that most people can't get off of.

Don't act like like you some of the blacktastic, I'm not trying to be rude but since you did already started, why have a slice when you can have the whole thing?

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But I guarantee you, after the american born asians have kids, that 3rd generation of Asian Americans wouldn't feel as limited as my generation (2nd gen--children of immigrants) On a fundamental level, I absolutely don't see why not, although it may be trickier for an AM/BF couple to navigate the differences in cultural identity.

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