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Several churches can be found in the city center, with the Church of Our Lady of Ljovis most notable, since it’s a magnificent example of medieval Serbian architecture.

China may have its Three Gorges but Derdap National Park has four gorges that stretch 115 km (72 miles) through the valleys.

One gorge, Gospodin vit, has one of the deepest rivers in the world.

These gorges combine to make Derdap gorge, also known as the Iron Gate because it is the southern entrance to the Carpathian Mountains.

An overview of the best places to visit in Serbia: The lively university town of Niš, Serbia’s third largest city, is a useful stopover point between Belgrade and Sofia or Skopje.

It is one of the oldest cities in Europe and the Balkans, dating back to 279 BC.

Prizren is a good walking city, since most everything is close together.

It’s a great place to hike in the summer, with an extensive array of flora and fauna.

The mountain also is known for its mineral wealth, with gold, silver, iron and zinc mined here in the past.

Erosion is responsible for one of Serbia’s most majestic rock formations, Devil’s Town, which got its name from the strange rock shapes.

Local legend says the rocks are members of a wedding party petrified by the devil Extremely acidic water, known as Djavolja voda, or devil’s water, which also contributed to this geologic phenomenon.

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