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If that was the case the decision not to kick Betty for instance would make sense. Once again, I thought these were two good challenges.A Top Chef trademark, the make-something-from-crap-ingredients challenge. Don't they have the cameras on all the time in the kitchen to check what people are doing?I wonder if it was not put to them clearly enough that they could not change the recipes once they were signed off on by the nutritionists.

What Suzanne Goin said was quite right - Michael seems like he doesn't want to be there.Footnote: This is the second time we were reminded of Sam's alleged hotness.I don't think he is that hot, but then I am not a low-teen girl.One of the first 'diet' baking recipes I remember trying was from an old Seventeen magazine, when I was actually 17, for meringue kisses flavored with cocoa. Betty knows her audience, if not how to interpret rules.The Orange team didn't do too well, though Carlos seemed to charm the kids.

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She should have really made the adjustment on day 1, while the nutritionist was there - you can't make meringue with Splenda.

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