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Brenda Song wrote on Instagram about the pregnancy rumors Source: Just Jared Also Read: Selena Gomez and Vanessa Hudgens, faces swapped as they are scared of the results.

One false rumor was enough to shatter Brenda and Trace's love life. " A few days later Trace again posted a photo with Brenda with a caption “I wanna tell the world about u so that they can get jealous.” After a while, a tension seemed in their relation, and they again split up in 2013. From all the signs it seemed like the couple could be romantically involved and they are just keeping it a secret from the world.

She is best known for her roles in TV shows Fudge and 100 Deeds for Eddie Mc Dowd.

Brenda Song in addition, to her brilliant career on the line, also has grabbed people's attention with her charismatic beauty too.

Based on the article on whosdatedwho, trace and Brenda were together for 3 years.

But, there were some things in the relationship that pretty much ruined everything they ever had.

Their even were pregnancy rumors back then, which were later denied by the singer herself in 2015.

Brenda Song is an American actress, model, and spokesperson.

She started her career as a child fashion model at an early age in show business.

Brenda came with a false report that she was pregnant which caused a major dramatic situation to their relationship which led to the separation of the couple in June 2012. The lovebirds got back together in January 2013 while they posted their reunion photo on social media. The reason has not been confirmed yet, but we are sure their affair took a bumpy road. Would love if the story turns the expected way, but well, life's not a fairy tale.

Though the couple kept on with their on-and-off relationshp for quite long, if reports to be believed the pair is longer dating and have split.

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