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And I was totally shocked, 'cause I was scared to use the F-word, and I didn't know how people would respond to it." The track, produced by Jordan Gatsby and featuring vocals from Travis Garland, is not only fan-approved, but also approved by the Canadian rapper himself.

A., I went to the studio, I recorded it, and the next day I put it on the Internet, and people really, really loved it.

It's a deep and cathartic track that connects in searching for answers. "Say Love" "Say Love" is another strong ballad from , which really shows off a strong voice and good storytelling.

Jojo conveys that she feels something missing in her relationship because the guy won't say the word "love".

"When Love Hurts" is a mature song that wisely discusses how you must go through ups and downs in a given relationship. "Leave (Get Out)" "Leave" was our first national exposure to Jojo on a major label.

Love is only real when it's tested, and a "perfect relationship" doesn't exist. This smooth singer's first single came from her eponymous debut album.

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Her debut song hit number one on the Billboard charts, and Jojo took the world by storm.

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