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My grown kids told me “this is the phone for you, Mom.” I use just about everything on it, plus a few downloaded aps. However, about a week ago the aps simply stopped working.Thanks to your information, I now have ‘fixed’ the problem and am thinking, “well maybe I’m not so far from being a “techie” after all! I’ve tried both reinstalling the apps and updating them unsuccessfully. What worked for me as well as for a friend of mine with the same issue, was the deauthorise/ authorise procedure.I went back to my i Phone and, presto, they all work again! Just had the same problem after the 2.2.1 update – no 3rd party apps worked. I sync the phone with two computers (Macbook Pro & i Mac24) and am wondering if this is the problem? No need to hassle with deleting and reinstalling unless updating doesn’t work first! ive tried deauthorizing and authorizing my computer. Check your app store to see if there are any pending updates. This resurrected my apps even though the pending update was for some other app.Hard reset didn’t fix it but your suggestion of deleting and re-installing one app (did wikipanion) appears to have fixed them all. I had this problem like 3 days after i got my nw iphone 3g , was not impressed i thought perhalps i shall delete all of the apps i downloaded and re-install them again, it worked. Can’t wait for the next time so I can test the log in theory. It appears that a pending update on one app can block others.Simply, connect your i Phone to your computer, go to menu bar,click on Store- […] not opening – iphone apps | Ask Meta Filter Applications will not open | i Phone and i Pad Forumsi Phone Apps Not Working!« i Phone Tip a Dayi Phone Ramble: i Phone 4 Apps Not Opening (Closing Straight Away)iphone 3g applications not opening […] Thank you, my one of game app was not responding.

Keep holding until you see the black background with the white Apple logo.Well, I authorize my i Phone on two computers so the apps may have stopped working due to that. I have the first gen i Phone unlcoked for tmobile and just started getting the same thing!! Click Store and then Authorize Computer if this problem happens, then sync your phone again. Some of my third party apps stopped working suddenly.But, as you said, I simply deleted an app and re-synced my i Phone with that app back on. My Mobile Me push email however is no longer working. i just updated apps in the app store and works fine for me as well! They would flash a screen for a fraction of a second and quit. I finally managed to get them to work again easily.Additionally, updating any app seems to work too 🙂 Just go to App Store and update 1 app or all apps (but when updating all apps, do it manually one at a time because my experiences have been that this “update all” options crashes my i Phone).How to fix apps not working on iphone 3g: here is what I did to fix it: I went to app store on my iphone to update a 3rfd party app since they all wouldnt work and found that my friend’s email was stored for some reason.

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I’ll try the hard boot next time as well, maybe that works too. practically done everything can someone help me please THANK YOU!!! The first time was after I did the last update for picture messages.

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