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The collective devices that comprise an entire Dell computer must work together in a way that provides the best results in the most efficient manner.In order for the individual hardware devices to function properly, they depend on their own unique pieces of software called drivers.The driver developers create new ways to more efficiently perform the same functions by making changes or improvements to the driver.These driver updates are distributed freely from Dell's website, although finding and implementing the update is not a simple one-click assigment.

Because Dell focuses on a direct-sell-to-customer model, they are able to gain valuable feedback from Dell users and understand exactly what they want from their Dell hardware devices.Dell hosts driver updates on their website and allow them to be downloaded freely, however there are a lot of details involved in identifying the correct driver.Not just any driver will suffice for any given hardware device. So much in fact that if the wrong driver was implemented for the wrong device, the hardware device may behave unexpectedly or may not even function at all.Dell drivers are written with only Dell hardware in mind.They are designed to operate the working components in a Dell computer to the greatest point of efficiency and performance. Dell continues to develop drivers for their hardware devices following the production and release of new technology.

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