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Assignment always copies the value of an expression, but a value is not always what you might expect it to be.

In particular, the "value" of a structured object such as a list is actually just a does not copy the contents of the variable, only its "object reference".

This is an idiomatic and readable way to move items inside a list.

It is equivalent to the following traditional way of doing such tasks that does not use tuples (notice that this method needs a temporary variable For some NLP tasks it is necessary to cut up a sequence into two or more parts.

To understand what is going on here, we need to know how lists are stored in the computer's memory.

In 4.1, we see that a list object wasn't changed, and is still referenced from two places in our nested list of lists.

Many programming editors have built-in support for Python, and can automatically indent code and highlight any syntax errors (including indentation errors).

For a list of Python-aware editors, please see to store the combined length of all words.

You should make sure that when you write Python code in a file, you avoid tabs for indentation, since these can be misinterpreted by different text editors and the indentation can be messed up.An individual entry is represented as a tuple because it is a collection of objects with different interpretations, such as the orthographic form, the part of speech, and the pronunciations (represented in the SAMPA computer-readable phonetic alphabet Note A good way to decide when to use tuples vs lists is to ask whether the interpretation of an item depends on its position.For example, a tagged token combines two strings having different interpretation, and we choose to interpret the first item as the token and the second item as the tag. This is more than a notational convenience: in many language processing situations, generator expressions will be more efficient. Since the calling function simply has to find the maximum value — the word which comes latest in lexicographic sort order — it can process the stream of data without having to store anything more than the maximum value seen so far.When writing programs you make many subtle choices about names, spacing, comments, and so on.When you look at code written by other people, needless differences in style make it harder to interpret the code.

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