Updating time on meditech server

Client/server executes the code on a user's PC, although all code remained centralized.

Once you have assessed your current environment and established a strategy for conversion the following takes place: Depending on your current server and version, certain upgrades, storage specifications and third party vendors are required to comply with MU3.

Note that additional servers are required to support over 300 concurrent users.

Required Specifications: For customers wishing to grant third party vendors access to data provided through the Interoperability Services Web Server, a My SQL Database Server is required as part of the Restful API Services to store data and audits.

Other companies such as Bridge Head Software produce software designed to be used with Meditech software.

On June 6, 2012, Meditech announced its partnership with Intelligent Medical Objects to provide mapping of clinician-friendly diagnosis and procedure terminologies to billing codes and medical concepts.

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