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Once instantiated, c3p0 Data Sources can be bound to nearly any JNDI-compliant name service.Regardless of how you create your Data Source, c3p0 will use defaults for any configuration parameters that you do not specify programmatically.C3P0 does provide an API that allows you to invoke non-standard methods reflectively on an underlying Connection.To use it, first cast the returned Connection to a you supply will be invoked on the target you provide on the second argument (null for static methods), and using the arguments you supply in the third argument to that function."); c3p0 maintains separate pools for Connections with distinct authentications.The various methods let you query the status of pools individually, or aggregate statistics for all authentifications for which your Data Source is maintaining pools.

You can bind the Data Source to a JNDI name service, or use it directly, as you prefer.Here's an example of using Oracle-specific API to call a static method on a raw Connection: C3P0Proxy Connection cast Con = (C3P0Proxy Connection) c3p0Data Connection(); Method m = CLOB.Method("create Temporary", new Class[]); Object[] args = new Object[] ; CLOB oracle CLOB = (CLOB) cast Connection Operation(m, null, args); C3P0 includes special support for some Oracle-specific methods. While c3p0 does not require very much configuration, it is very tweakable.Most of the interesting knobs and dials are represented as Java Bean properties.All tweakable properties are documented for reference in Appendix A.Most c3p0 configuration topics are discussed in detail below.

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