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Cloud traveled far and wide, enduring battle after battle and nearly losing himself in the process.

Though he saved the planet, he lost much in the struggle, and now he chooses a life of solitude, shunning contact with even his closest friends.

is a gameplay element in Final Fantasy Record Keeper.

Its main and only feature is the possibility of changing characters' outfits without changing their stats and available ability sets.

I was having dinner with Debbie of Recovering Shopaholic last month when we got to talking about, well, shopping! I got to thinking that I might want to try it out as a means to rein in my shopping while still allowing me to update and replace my wardrobe gradually. I’ve been in the ballpark of 40 or so the last few years and know I could make do with less, I just haven’t required it of myself.

Essentially, I can get a top every month, a bottom every other, and a shoe and accessory each season.

The costume worn by Celes when she impersonated the famed singer Maria at the opera house.

Though once a general in the imperial army, Celes jumped at the chance to bask in the limelight, eagerly warming up stage in preparation for her performance.

With my usual Shopping List template in hand, I got to adjusting the allotted slots for items: I would not ‘count’ basics and gear in this scenario but would still list the amount spent in the overall budget.

I gave quite a bit of attention to gear/lounge/active this 2016 shopping year and feel I can throttle back in that department again to just updating as things wear out. Or maybe I don’t need a coat that year, or a skirt.

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