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Xml Reader Settings settings = new Xml Reader Settings(); settings. Create method." This error makes no sense to me cause that is exactly what i`m doing ! otherhomes.xml) should have a DOCTYPE node referencing the DTD and that way the Xml Reader you create will read the referenced DTD in and validate against that DTD, as long as you have the right Xml Reader Settings (which you have). XML Schema supports rudimentary inheritance for complex types, allowing derived types to extend or restrict base types.Here is a sample XML instance document that references an XML Schema: ).This essay is not a reference for any particular validation method; rather it aims to demonstrate how .We’ll begin with brief introductions and examples of several validation methods.DOM, XSL and typical SAX processing all inherently rely on this guarantee of well-formed XML documents.A valid XML document is a document that has been proven to follow a set of more stringent rules than those of the XML syntax alone.

Having a schema expressed in XML means that the information in the schema is programmatically accessible through the same standard XML interfaces you’re likely already working with.

A good portion of the XML specification is dedicated to the description of DTD.

XML Schema is the 400-pound gorilla validation method among XML validation standards.

Most validation methods are concerned with the vocabulary and grammar of the XML document.

XML’s built-in validation mechanism is the Document Type Definition (DTD).

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DTDs allow for basic control of element and attribute names and the overall structure of an XML document. The following XML document could be validated with the brief DTD that follows: *Technically speaking, there are ways to write a DTD that allow validating parsers to handle multiple namespace prefix schemes.

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