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Part of the vanished Old Coach Row and standing next to St.Olave's Church, the site is now occupied by a large, ugly and extremely inappropriately-situated car showroom.By 1891 the company owned 21 tied houses in Chester and numerous others within a radius of 15 miles from the city.It was the only Chester brewery to survive beyond 1914.A new brewery complex was built on the site in the 1850s and the Chester Northgate Brewery Co Ltd was registered in March 1885 as a limited liability company to acquire the business of the same name at the purchase price of £50,000.The company acquired Salmon & Co, wine and spirit merchants, Chester in 1890 and the Kelsterton Brewery Co Ltd, Kelsterton, Clwyd with 93 licenced houses, in 1899.Snape and Bagnall's Brewery- is mentioned in the as being located "in the vicinity of King's Buildings close to the archway that leads to the canal" and existing in 1831.It was later being operated by a Mr Clubbe (members of the Clubbe family were licencees of the Grosvenor Arms, Handbridge- stiil known today as 'Clubbie's'- relations perhaps? Joseph Clubbe is listed in a trade directory as a brewer in 'King's Street' in 1795 and Thomas Clubbe in the same trade and location in 1822-3.

His business was incorporated as the Chester Lion Brewery Co. in 1896, but was taken over by Bent's Brewery of Liverpool in 1902. The Northgate Brewery (also here), Northgate Street, was founded in 1760 at The Golden Falcon Inn.

It is made at the Spitting Feathers Brewery in the nearby village of Waverton (hit the 'Heritage Ales' link when you visit).

Go here to learn more and here to see some fascinating pictures of the old Northgate Brewery...

The Lion Brewery, Pepper Street, was founded in 1642.

It was registered in May 1896 to acquire the business of Thomas Montgomery with 40 public houses. The building was demolished in 1969 and replaced by a multi-storey car park.

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An unsympathetic office block, Centurion House, now occupies the site.

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