Virus updating address book

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I sometimes send via my ISP's server, so it has to worry about the queuing etc.

If you send it yourself then you are not reliant on 3rd party server.

Easy to follow howto on setting up a mail server with unlimited users and domains, with IMAP access, anti-spam, anti-virus, secure authentication, encrypted traffic, web mail interface and more.

Based on an Ubuntu distribution platform, but instructions are distro generic.

For other installation method please refer to previous edition's software links and your own distribution for the documention for other ways of installing.

The server accepts unlimited domains and users, and all mail can be read via your favourite clients, or via web mail. Look at my references, look at's howtos, read the excellent books available (E.g.First you need to create a user to use in My SQL for mail only.Then you need to create the database, Take note of your chosen mail username and password.You can find the default values for Shorewall in /usr/share/shorewall/configfiles. Please note SSH is these days a known attack vector for brute force attacks.Especially if you allow connection from anywhere on the internet and on the standard SSH port (22).

Search for virus updating address book:

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But you may risk more exposure and accidentally be blocked by spam blockers. Also many servers block dynamic dns hosts, so you may find your server gets rejected. I currently restrict my servers to ip4 and avoid ip6 at the moment. if you use a dynamic dns service, then your server address will be a subdomain.

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