When does inuyasha and kagome start dating

"Okay…" She announced and she could see Inuyasha tense up ahead of her. We have to start getting ready…" She said and Rin widened her eyes not happy about her outburst.Inuyasha on the other hand just turned to face them.She didn't know what Inuyasha would say, and though he was creeping in closer she wouldn't be surprised if he ended it by telling Kagome he didn't feel the same.It really in the end didn't matter what he did, she shouldn't have been standing there listening.He couldn't give her an answer now, not when the thought of being with her was manifesting itself in his thoughts at that very moment."I guess…in all honesty…" He said pulling his hands out of their pockets and letting them fall naturally to the side.

He had said it plenty times before to girls that meant nothing to him, he was no stranger to a woman confessing her feelings for him, but he was defiantly a stranger to this feeling he was having now.

It slowly turned into a blank look; he had a million thoughts going through his head rapidly. "That's how I feel." She said after awhile and he nodded then backed up suddenly.

He put two hands into his pockets trying to find something to say, but he couldn't.

It was hard responding to someone who just admitted they had feelings for you.

All the other person wanted to hear was that their feelings were reciprocated too, and maybe they were.

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