When it comes to gender differences and dating

Many couples who first open their relationships have an extremely harmful rule- the one penis policy.

In an effort to protect themselves from jealousy and insecurity people in these open relationships agree to open their relationship, but only if their partner only dates people of the gender opposite of themselves.

Men should not continue to be in control of women’s sexuality whether they are in a relationship or not.

One member of a relationship making decisions for both or all people is unacceptable.

The very fact that he was more threatened by potential relationships with men than women was a red flag that he saw relationships between women as less legitimate.When relationships between two women are commonly sexualized it affects the women in the relationship.Sexualizing equally legitimate relationship is dehumanizing for those involved.Typically, one penis policies involve a straight cisgender man and a bisexual cisgender woman.There are exceptions, but overwhelmingly this gender combination is the trend.

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