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Do they take secret Facebook chat conversations with adult strangers?Every day, 60,000 pedophiles look for children in the internet in order to establish trust based friendships that will eventually lead to face to face encounters. Don't you want to know what your employees are doing when you are not watching them?Representatives from all over the world gather today under this year’s motto: Children and teens today are surrounded by e-readers, smartphones, tablets, laptops and i Pods.These gadgets surely keep them busy and occupied but they leave eye strain and cause visionary problems.February 6, International Safer Internet Day is celebrated.It is a date promoted by the European Commission with the aim of spreading the word about the responsible and safe use of new technologies throughout the world.Just type the password and All In One Keylogger will show itself.

You can set it to stop taking screenshot when the computer is idle and resume the visual surveillance after detecting mouse/keyboard activity.

Our Keylogger Software has a password protection to prevent others from changing your configurations or viewing the log files.

After configuring and starting the program, you can call All In One Keylogger simply by typing your password in any application you want.

Not like other computer monitoring software, All In One Keylogger can be used as an audio surveillance tool.

It monitors and records sounds in your room via your computer microphone.

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The Key logger Log-Viewer can be set to mark only dates when log was registered.

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