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“That was totally me [putting myself in the studio]. I would just wake up every day and be like, ‘I need to do this for myself, I have to find that sound.’ I knew what my circumstances was. Khaled’s been there every step of the way giving me nothing, but the best advice. He was just like, ‘You’ve got to go out there and find that record.’ Any CEO would be like that.I felt like, ‘I’ve gotta get my shit together.’ “I’m not saying I was doing anything wrong but it’s a business and if you’re not producing the right amount numbers... The label definitely always believes in me, but Khaled has always been that extra force, always letting them know that, ‘Ace is going to be the future.’ “[But through that period] Khaled would tell me, ‘Yo Ace, this is that time.’ Khaled, being my CEO, he cannot carry me throughout my career.His first two albums, 2008’s , didn’t spawn any major hits and didn’t sell particularly well.What fans who were quick to crack wise didn’t know was that after his second album, the 23-year-old rapper was struggling financially, professionally, and personally.Soon, photos surfaced of his new girl, Zashia Santiago, who has a role on HBO’s “Ballers.” Zashia Santiago is a rising popular actress who is making her mark on the industry.Before this, Zashia Santiago made her name in Miami, which is something some are trying to shame her for.

"We ended up moving out to a townhouse and stayed there for a while. I felt like things were maybe going in a downhill aspect.By Fio Borrelli Hip Hop Vibe Staff Writer When Safaree and Nicki Minaj broke up, many tried to portray him as the jealous, bitter, ex-boyfriend.Ultimately, Safaree meant it when he said he was doing just fine.But as a firm believer in positive thinking, he didn’t let it get him down.He cut himself off from the world and hit the studio.

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